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There is however quite a lot of testimony from celebrities. If you know us well, then welcome back. Otherwise, enjoy the read and take a look at our dresses today. Shop Our Bandage Dresses Today. Sasithon Bella is the kewl in The Kewl Shop.

Co-founder, chief buyer, bandage dress guru and a lot more. You might know her better as Sasi. But what is waist training and does it work? Bandage Dresses work similar to shapewear The Pros of Waist Training For thousands of years, women have used corsets as a mechanism to train their waist. Weight Control If you wear a waist trainer all the time, you will realize that it is challenging to consume large portions of food.

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Postpartum Waist Tightening Lots of women want to go back to their natural waist size or abs after giving birth to a baby. Bustline Support Apart from accentuating your bustline, waist trainers also offer some support to it. The Cons of Waist Training While waist trainers certainly have the benefits they also have some side effects worth noting.

Feeling Discomfort Wearing a waist trainer is bound to be uncomfortable because it is a garment that is tied tightly around your waist. Acid Reflux Inside your abdomen, there is a complex network of your intestines, esophagus, and stomach. Muscle Atrophy and Weakness Who would not want a perfect waistline?

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Achieve an hourglass shape with a midi bandage dress Breathing Troubles If you think wearing a waist trainer too tight will give you faster results, think again. Decreased Core Strength When you wear waist trainers that are too tight for extended periods, it can reduce your core strength. Bones Reshaped Waist trainers can reshape your bones if worn continuously. Types of Waist Training Once you have weighed the benefits and disadvantages, you can more safely determine if waist training works for you.

Advantages Corsets are your best bet when you want drastic waist slimming results if worn regularly. Out of the other waist trainers, corsets are the most effective when it comes to reducing your waistline. Corset training can tuck in a couple of inches of your waist instantly — all thanks to the laces and the boning. Disadvantages As these fit tightly, you cannot wear them for a long time.

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Not only are they uncomfortable, but you may have trouble breathing if you tie the laces too tight, many women have been known to faint due to a lack of oxygen. You cannot wear corsets when you are performing any strenuous tasks or are exercising. While you can wear a corset under your clothes, remember that they are not entirely seamless.

If you are wearing a tight tee or a dress, the outline of the laces will be visible. Corset training for long periods or over time could be quite dangerous to your health. See above.

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Waist Cinchers Most celebrities that waist train, use waist cinchers for their training. Waist cinchers are of two types, depending on the fabric used to make them. Their flexibility makes them ideal for exercising at home or workouts at the gym.

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  • The drawback is that the material is not breathable and it wrinkles easily. Fabric waist cinchers — A little less flexible and more rigid than the latex version, however, the fabric makes it easier for your skin to breathe. These cincher types help you better define your curves, and improve your body posture because of their rigidity.

    Just like corsets, waist cinchers have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Advantages When you are looking for waist trainers that you can wear seamlessly under your clothes, waist cinchers are your best bet. Because they are more flexible than corsets, you can wear them for more extended periods. You can wear waist cinchers during your workouts to help you sweat a bit more. Waist cinchers tuck your waist in and shape your body without being as restrictive as corsets. Less boning makes waist cinchers more comfortable to wear.

    Disadvantages While it is true that waist cinchers reduce fat on your tummy, they do not give stellar results like corsets. They will give your body an excellent shape, but not the extreme hourglass shape that a corset does. Waist Trimmers Waist trimmers do not train your waist and shape your body. Advantages Waist trimmers are more durable and less expensive than other types of waist trainers. These are perfect if you want to reduce your waistline by burning off your belly fat naturally. They provide some back support to you when you are performing any strenuous activity or exercising.

    Since there is no boning in waist trimmers, they are not restrictive at all.

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    These are incredibly comfortable to wear. When you are working out, you do sweat a lot.

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    • When you wear a waist trimmer, the core temperature of your body increases, and you end up sweating a whole lot more — just like you would in a sauna. Disadvantages Unlike waist cinchers, waist trimmers are not seamless. Gourmet Fast Food. Massacre Haunted House. Kids' Digital Learning Academy. Picture People. Two Brazilian Waxes. Gejas Cafe. The Attic Haunted House.

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