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Darkness is only one out of three factors. Although it might be pitch dark and high aurora activity, the clouds could be blocking the Northern Lights!

Upcoming Iceland Trips in 12222 and 2020

Damn you, clouds! Unfortunately, rain and snow are common during the winter in Iceland! Most suggest spending a week in order to maximise the chances of seeing Northern Lights in Iceland. These elusive yet breathtaking lights are that difficult to control. But I mean, if it was easy everybody would be doing it! What are the chances of at least one night of clear sky in a week in Iceland? Thankfully, it is possible to rely on the Icelandic Met Office. And patience I guess. But mostly luck! Contrary to our Scandinavian neighbours, Northern Lights are found everywhere in Iceland.

As a rule of thumb, however, the norther you are the better! The Northern Light Belt, which circles around, can contract itself. When that happens, the strongest lights are found in North Iceland. During the sailing, our experienced crew will tell you stories about the northern lights, give you more information about the area and serve you refreshments.

Discover more destinations to see the Northern Lights

Although we recommend dressing warmly, warm overalls are provided to all of our passengers. Some of the cheapest options depart in March and May…. Pirates, picture this: snow falls softly on the ground, the night sky is shining with the lights of the Aurora, and reindeer are preparing to drift into sleep. It's in this enchanting setting where you'll find this extraordinary hotel Open all year round to guests, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is located in Finland.

However, we believe…. Ahoy mateys!

Hello Iceland - Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights, Golden Circle

Breakfast is included, along with a magical Northern Lights tour, and you…. Pirates, pack your bags and pack in 3 of our fave destinations in one trip with this fantastic Crystal Travel offer! A hotel in each….

Iceland Northern Lights Trip

Next up it's a Pirate favourite - Iceland. Cross this magical country off your bucket list in with a trip during Northern Lights season.

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Jet off for 2 or 3 nights and stay in the centrally located CenterHotel Skjaldbreid, where you can enjoy breakfast each morning. Also included in this offer are flights as….

Iceland Northern Lights Holidays

Experience the spellbinding phenomenon of the Northern Lights with this great Norway escape we have put together for you. If you are still looking for the perfect Christmas present for the one you love, why not treat them to an experience they'll never forget in ? That includes return flights and…. All flights and hotels are included, as…. Discover this incredible country that offers everything from stunning landscapes to amazing nature and so much more. Iceland is best booked early to get the best best of dates during Northern Lights season matey; January is prime viewing time of year.

Cheapest from London, there is also options…. It's not too late to book a Northern Lights holiday mateys; the time to see the colourful natural phenomenon in Iceland is almost upon us and January is peak season to see them. Check out this 3-night minibreak with return flights and staying in the fashionable Radisson Blu hotel in central Reykjavik. Prices start…. Pirates, visit three of our fave destinations in one package with our buddies at Crystal Travel! All flights and hotels are included, as well as your train transfer between Niagara Falls and New York -…. This deal includes flights, a hotel in Reykjavik, breakfast and even a tour to see the famous Northern Lights. You can even opt to add on a Dogsledding trip extra charge. The cheapest options are in January….


Pirates, set sail to the land of vikings with these mega cheap flights to Iceland! The cheapest departures are from London, with flights also available from Edinburgh and Manchester.

If you'd like to add a…. For 8 days you travel between the wonders that this part of the island has to offer. You drive along roads leading between fishing villages, geothermal areas and sites of historical interest. This trip is specifically designed to maximize the chances of getting to experience the aurora borealis for yourself.

During six nights of the trip, you will also attend the Northern Lights Academy, where you will experience evening shows, lectures, movies, and guided tours of the northern lights.

This trip around western and southern Iceland gets you up close to magical landscapes, to thundering and spectacular waterfalls, black lava beaches and lush greenery. A tour in winter wonderland Iceland where, in addition to visiting the most famous places in the country, we will also hunt for the magnificent Northern Lights.

Get your mates together for an adventurous weekend in Iceland. We tailor make you trip and make sure you experience exciting excursions and activities and enjoy a nice hotel. Decide yourself what hotel you want to stay at, the number of nights you need, flights and excursions.