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But definitely not difficult, and it held a lot more water [than other stands], as I remember, which is nice. He says the Krinner is a dream if you want to set up a tree by yourself.

The research

For a solid stand at a lower price, we like the Cinco CE Express. The Cinco is similar to the Krinner in terms of stability, and both maxed out our force gauge. The quick-release is one feature that really set the Cinco apart from the rest of the lower-priced stands. Cinco is easier to make adjustments.

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If someone has a partner or wants the ability to tweak and get it just right, Cinco is way better. The Cinco has a big 3-gallon reservoir and an added overflow basin to catch drips which the Krinner lacks. This stand is made of a hard plastic, like the Krinner, and they both seem tough enough for the job.

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This stand is sold at Home Depot, where its reviews are solid. The few negatives focus mostly on the overall bulkiness of the stand. As for flaws, the Cinco is quite large. Huge, in fact. Also, the claws on the XXL Deluxe loosen on the tree one pedal lift at a time, instead of releasing all at once. The Swivel Straight started to tip at 30 Newtons of pulling force, and the Contech tipped at 25 Newtons. Performance was similar with large and small trees.

Tree Stands

The Swivel Straight stand in particular had our hopes up because it lets you adjust the angle of the tree by pressing a foot pedal and turning the tree on a large ball joint. Then you fit the sleeve and tree together into the base. The frustrating setup, along with the lack of stability, outweighed the otherwise cool design. The Steel Welded Large Tree Stand and the Resin Tree Stand , like so many others, hold the tree with four bolts that must be threaded the entire way in.

The water reservoir is also much smaller than those of the Krinner and Cinco.

Black Friday Deals

The Holiday Time Christmas Tree Stand is inexpensive but looks flimsy and also supports the tree with simple bolts. This expensive stand accommodates trunks up to 7 inches in diameter and has a 2-gallon water well. The name is quite apt: The Steel Extreme is imposing, but it still uses only the traditional bolt design. If you can spend this much on a stand, save a few bucks and get the much simpler Krinner.

We passed over several for having ultracomplicated fastening systems, like the Standtastic Stand , which requires you to screw wood screws into the tree a huge pain if you need to adjust the tree after setting it up. The E. H20 and the Omega Tree Stand have poor Amazon reviews. We dismissed the Iron Mountain Welded , which had decent reviews but only a day warranty.

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Black friday lonewolf deals Are there ever any deals to be had on Lonewolf treestands on black Friday? Kind of sort of need another wide flip top and would love to save a few dollars on one if there was any money to be saved. Reply With Quote.


Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I cant compete with the big box stores but sometimes I give better prices. I haven't see any lonewolf stuff on sale. I'm also in the market for some ladder stands. Thinking of getting some X-Stands but I haven't seen them on sale either.

I have used the Lone Wolf black friday deal the last two years in a row. There might be a discount with 9fingers or 9finger code still. Cabelas has the hand climber and regular sit and climb on sale. This line offers hang-on tree stands, climbing tree stands, an assortment of ladder stands, climbing sticks, and deer tripods and quadpods.

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Black friday lonewolf deals

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